Blazin Sounds Entertainment at your Wedding:


We believe in proper fit. We want to help you decide whether we are the right choice for you as your Wedding Day Entertainment. We have found that most of our clients stress the importance of a great time for all of their guests at their Wedding Reception. They also need a reliable resource for advice and suggestions based on their vision and venue.


Our Promise:


We won’t show up at your wedding expecting the spotlight to be on us. It’s your day not ours. We won’t sit down and push buttons on a computer screen and click a mouse to play songs off the typical “best wedding songs” or “top 40”. Have you ever heard a dj play the same predictable songs? We like to be more creative and go deeper with our DJ soul. It takes talent combined with experience to feel what song the crowd needs. It’s about being able to dance to the beats and vibing with the energy. We don’t pretend like we are DJing by having the look but not the talent. We won’t play music with profanity in it, that’s unprofessional and if you notice it’s in many DJ’s “demos” which really aren’t their demo’s its something they “borrowed”; it’s someone else’s work. Outside of tradition we do not play games or get on your dance floor to dance with your guests. You don’t have to worry about hearing those typical cheesy songs or seeing inappropriate things happening on our behalf. We live mix our music to create a one-of-a-kind experience hand crafted for the specific event we are at so if you have no input on the music at all, we will confidently know what to play once we feel out the crowd no matter age or ethnicity. We do allow you to give input if you want because most people do have certain songs they like or dislike so you’ll have optional song requests to fill out if you’d like. We’re here to help the Bride and Groom throw a successful party by entertaining their guests like no other. We will work professionally with the other vendors and make sure everyone is on the same page.

We don’t want you to stress or feel like you need to do all the work. Our clients understand you pay a professional to handle the details and do their job better than anyone else could. We don’t expect you to understand everything that needs to happen in order for it all to be professionally handled. We try to honor requests but sometimes we unfortunately can’t if they are not inline with what we know you like. We treat you like we want to be treated if roles were reversed. The DJ has so much power to play or say whatever so please choose wisely even if it’s not us. We ask you to have faith in knowing that we have you and your guest’s best interest in mind. We pour our hearts into our job and take our role in your most important day very seriously.

We believe in providing you with a quality service. We are not a quantity based business-model.


Choosing a Band or Our DJs:


If you’re trying to decide between a band or our DJs, consider this: With Blazin Sounds as your Wedding Day DJ/MC Entertainment, there will be a seamless flow as the songs are blended, guaranteeing no awkward down time and a continuous party on the dance floor. We will integrate all of the important moments of your reception into our performance time. Your music choices or party style will not be limited and there will be no need for breaks.

We are not here to tell you which is better, that’s up to you to decide. Perhaps you could choose both? A great event has flow so live music early on and then a transition later to a DJ dance party would make for an amazing event!

We are also experienced at working with bands. We can provide our expertise as your wedding day MC and also play music for whatever part of your event you desire. Whether it be during band breaks or after the band leaves, we can make sure the party continues all night!

We gladly welcome any other questions you may have. Thank you for considering Blazin Sounds Entertainment. Happy Planning!